Wavebuster™ Crane Shock Absorbers (CSA) is designed to customer specifications. The Crane Shock Absorber is used for transfer lift to reduce the dynamic forces on the crane when lifting in adverse sea conditions. The Crane Shock Absorber can be integrated with the headache ball and crane hook making sure the CSA doesn’t add extra load and take up more lift height.

By installing a WaveBuster CSA the crane’s load chart may be significantly enhanced. NOLT AS has developed proprietary software which based on crane data and the Wavebuster CSA’s properties will calculate a new load chart which may be certified by the major classification societies.
An enhanced load chart will provide the customer with a wider window of opportunity since it will allow larger loads for given significant wave heights, thereby reducing weather dependency.
A WaveBuster CSA will be supplied as total package including a certified enhanced load chart and final dynamic test witnessed and certified by the relevant classification society. It may also be delivered as a standalone unit if a new load chart is not required.

load chart